Institutional Accreditation

Oklahoma State University holds institutional accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission, HLC.  The Action Letter is the certificate to verify this standing.  Institutional accreditation is required for an institution to receive federal funding and for the students to obtain federally-back student loans.

OSU is currently preparing an Assurance Review, which occurs in year 4 of the accreditation cycle.  A Comprehensive Review that will include a campus visit will be in year 10 of the cycle in the academic year 2025-2026.  Each decade the review by the Higher Learning Commission provides the opportunity for institutional self-study and introspection about the depth at which OSU fulfills its mission.   Reaffirmation of accreditation will represent 100 years of continual institutional accreditation for OSU. 

OSU is on the highest accreditation track, the Open Pathway, which has two components in the Comprehensive Review, which are the Quality Initiative and the Assurance Report.  The Quality Initiative is focused on increasing retention and student success.  One of the clearest indicators of the impact of the initiative is the 2.7% increase in first-year retention last year.   Approximately 100 people across campus have provided input to the Assurance Report, which is the document that describes the evidence to support that OSU satisfies the Criteria for Accreditation.