The APR Process at OSU

The annual Academic Program Review process at OSU involves the following components:

Timeline Action Item
Early October Informational Meeting – Preparing the APR Report and Executive Summary
End of January Reports and Executive Summaries due to deans.  Each dean’s office will verify that the department and college recommendations are in the reports concerning size of program.
Mid-February Reports and Executive Summaries due to Provost’s Office.  An associate dean in each college will collect the college documents and send them as Word documents to Dr. Brenda Masters
April College Follow-up meetings; Participants include: Dean, Associate Dean of Instruction, Department Heads of reviewed programs, program coordinators, Provost, Associate Provosts, Dean for the Graduate College, Director of University Assessment & Testing, Director of Accreditation, and college-level assessment coordinators.  These meetings provide the opportunity for collegial discussions among the individuals at all levels of degree program management from the program coordinators all the way through the Provost.
June or early fall Executive Summaries will be provided to A&M Board of Regents
Early to mid-fall Reports and Executive Summaries will be provided to OSU President to submit to OSRHE

The following are documents related to Academic Program Review that are provided to program coordinators to accomplish the reports:

Degree Production and Enrollment: The Degree Production and Enrollment files indicate the number of degree produced and the enrollment in all degree programs over the five most recent time periods observed.  

Degree Production Fall 2011-Summer 2016 & Enrollment Fall 2012-2016

Degree Production Fall 2010-Summer 2015 & Enrollment Fall 2011-2015

Degree Production Fall 2009-Summer 2014 & Enrollment Fall 2010-2014

Degrees Granted Fall 2008-Summer 2013 & Enrollment Fall 2009-2013

Course Production: The Course Production files indicate the college, course prefix and number, number of sections taught, total enrollment, total credit hours, and General Education designation for each course taught in the last five years.

Course Production Fall 2011 through Summer 2016

Course Production Fall 2010 through Summer 2015

Course Production Fall 2009 through Summer 2014

Course Production Fall 2008 through Summer 2013

Other APR Documents:

Graduate Bricks

Academic Ledgers

Assessment documents

2017 APR Information

APR Executive Summary Template

APR Report Template

Academic Program Review 2016 - 2017